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The Horseshoe Group is a leading provider of insurance management services to insurers, reinsurers, side cars, transformers, and catastrophe bonds. Our extensive experience across all aspects of the insurance industry enables us to deliver superior management skills which make significant contributions to your operations. We are your team on the ground!



Horseshoe can provide support for clients who wish to establish their own transformer vehicles by leveraging the extensive experience from managing our own vehicle, Horseshoe Re Limited.

Horseshoe can assist with incorporation and licensing as well as day-to-day administration. We can leverage our close relationships with major trust companies to facilitate establishment of collateral reinsurance trusts.



  • Recommend local service providers
  • Review business plan to be submitted to the regulatory authorities
  • Represent the prospective company during the insurance licensing admission process
  • Act on behalf of the client in any regulatory-mandated capacity such as Insurance Manager and Principal Representative


  • Receive and review submissions and provide feedback on reinsurance documentation
  • Establish segregated account and open operating bank account
  • Assess collateral requirements and establish reinsurance trust
  • Draft investor subscription agreement to fund required equity – typically preference shares or notes
  • Arrange execution of all documentation and initial funding of collateral trust


  • Monitor reporting and premium payment obligations of cedant under reinsurance agreement – collect premium
  • Monitor collateral requirements and ensure full funding
  • Process loss payments as reported
  • Monitor contract termination or commutation and administer timely flow of released collateral back to investors


  • Maintain financial records
  • Monitor expense payments against budget
  • Prepare periodic management accounts and annual shareholder financial statements
  • Prepare and file annual Statutory Financial Return and Statutory Financial Statements


  • Serve in regulatory-mandated capacity (for instance, Principal Presentative, Segregated Account Representative, etc. as applicable)
  • Represent clients’ interests to the regulator
  • Monitor continued compliance with statutory obligations, including compliance with the local policy and guidance and codes of conduct
  • Complete all statutory filings