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The Horseshoe Group is a leading provider of insurance management services to insurers, reinsurers, side cars, transformers, and catastrophe bonds. Our extensive experience across all aspects of the insurance industry enables us to deliver superior management skills which make significant contributions to your operations. We are your team on the ground!



At Horseshoe Group, we have the experience, skills, resources and track record to provide a full range of services, from complete management and administration, to à la carte back-office support for clients setting up operations in Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Gibraltar and Ireland. Our extensive knowledge of the (re)insurance marketplace, including our strong relationships across all major stakeholders, makes Horseshoe Group a valuable partner as clients look to establish and develop their business.

Through our combination of insurance management and advisory skills, we offer a broad array of services and deliver exceptional service levels, offering the leading insurance management service to clients in Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Gibraltar and Ireland.


Set-up and

  • Advise in ownership structure options and liaise with Horseshoe Corporate Services to incorporate the vehicle
  • Assist in identifying and retaining service providers
  • Assist in developing a budget
  • Assist in drafting a business plan and license submission to be presented to the regulator


  • Maintain proper books and records
  • Liaise with third party services providers to ensure expected level of service delivered
  • Open and administer bank accounts as necessary
  • Process payments in accordance with agreed authorities
  • Provide resident director(s) as required and liaise with board members on all matters requiring their attention


  • Serve in regulatory-mandated capacity (for instance, Principal Presentative, Segregated Account Representative, etc. as applicable)
  • Represent clients’ interests to the regulator
  • Monitor continued compliance with statutory obligations, including compliance with the local policy and guidance and codes of conduct
  • Complete all statutory filings


  • Maintain financial records
  • Prepare periodic management accounts
  • Prepare annual shareholder financial statements
  • Prepare and file annual Statutory Financial Returns and Statutory Financial Statements
  • Liaise with auditors, actuaries and regulatory authorities in connection with annual audited financial statements
  • Coordinate with client headquarter finance function for the delivery of required information for group consolidation and reporting purposes.

Insurance Contract

  • Administer (re)insurance agreements in accordance with contract terms, including collection of premium and settlement of claims
  • Liaise with (re)insurance counterparties to obtain required information on a timely basis
  • Determine appropriate accounting entries for (re)insurance transactions
  • Apply loss reserving standards as directed by the company’s board of directors
  • Liaise with actuaries, underwriters and loss reserve specialist as required
  • Analyze underwriting activities as required


  • Monitor collateral requirements, establish Trust accounts and adjust funding as required
  • Obtain/process periodic investment reports for company reporting purposes
  • Prepare and review cash flow projections/requirements
  • Review the company’s investment administrator’s periodic reports and monitor compliance with investment guidelines and parameters
  • Process instructions for investment transactions in accordance with agreed authorities