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Horseshoe Re is a flexible and efficient platform providing a link between the reinsurance market and investors who wish to participate directly in insurance risk. Horseshoe Re facilitates capital market participation in reinsurance transactions including ILWs, Quota Shares and excess of loss treaties. Horseshoe Re, a licensed Bermuda Class 3 separate account reinsurer, establishes fully-collateralized separate accounts whose assets and liabilities are legally segregated from other Horseshoe Re segregated accounts.



Full Reinsurance

  • Legal team establishes cell and other corporate secretarial services
  • Accounting team provides full reinsurance accounting and reporting services
  • Underwriting team reviews all contracts and advises on terms and conditions and wording
  • Trust and Treasury Team establish bank accounts and advise on reinsurance trust formation and wording and facilitate payment
  • Claims professionals advise on more complex claims and perform claims audits as necessary

Separate Account

  • A Separate Account is sometimes referred to as a “cell”
  • Each cell is legally separated from the assets and liabilities of the company’s general account and other Separate Accounts
  • Each separate account must fully collateralize its liabilities
  • Distinct “Limited Recourse” language required by law


  • Horseshoe Re provides turnkey services to investors worldwide wanting to invest in collateralized reinsurance and is one of the largest investor transformers providing services to some of the market’s leading dedicated ILS funds and other collateralized reinsurance investors

Separate Account

  • Less expensive and quicker than forming a separate reinsurance company
  • Does not create a legal person distinct from Horseshoe Re
  • Investors are non-voting preferred shareholders or note holders
  • Easier to unwind than a stand-alone company
  • Does not need to be separately licensed
  • Immediate access to market

Underwriting System

  • Our technology provides a fully integrated, complete end-to-end reinsurance administration platform incorporating governance and business process workflow.
  • The system is specifically designed to support underwriting, claims, accounts and retrocession.
  • Some key features include:
    • Extensive real-time monitoring of risk exposure with automatic exception flagging
    • Secure access to critical business information
    • Multiple levels of user authorization and management controls
    • Powerful, real-time management information, graphics and reporting functionality
    • Remote access capability over private networks and the internet

Key Documents

  • Subscription and Shareholder Agreement (SSA) between the investor and the Horseshoe Re Cell
  • Reinsurance trust agreement between the Horseshoe Re Cell, the trustee and the cedant
  • Reinsurance agreement or slip (RA) between the Horseshoe Re cell and the cedant


  • Insurance and reinsurance companies
  • Dedicated reinsurance/ILS funds
  • Hedge Funds
  • Pension Funds
  • Private Institutional Investors
  • Private Equity firms
  • Banks and Lloyd’s Syndicates