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Horseshoe Fund Services (Horseshoe) provides back and middle office services including fund and portfolio accounting, investor servicing, AML, financial reporting and regulatory compliance services to hedge funds, private equity funds, ILS funds, real estate funds and venture capital funds.

We differentiate ourselves in 5 key areas: experience; quality and controls; customization and flexibility; technology and reporting; and platform scalability.


Technology and
Reporting Platform

We have integrated proprietary technology with leading fund administration software to provide customizable reporting solutions to our clients. Our state of the art technology provides a complete straight through processing solution from the initial trade through to final pricing and reconciliation.

Our web reporting platform contains valuable information at your fingertips while also providing 24/7 access, complete transparency and functional adaptability to meet the needs of our clients and their investors.

Our efficient dynamic portfolio analytics reporting is a powerful web based competitive differentiator used for reporting performance, weightings and attribution analysis with slice and dice functionality allowing for on-demand portfolio information.

Please contact us for demonstrations of our technology offering.


    Fund Administration

    We use PFS-Paxus® (Paxus) as our core fund administration platform. Paxus is an Integrated accounting, transfer agency and portfolio system tailored for the alternative and private equity funds market. Paxus’ functionality enables us to seamlessly complete a fund’s NAV and disseminate investor statements in one system. Paxus has the functionality to perform onshore and offshore fund accounting for funds employing various strategies as well as fund of hedge funds and private equity funds.

    The shareholder registry module of the system is extremely robust and can automatically perform partner/investor allocations, private equity equalization adjustments, capital calls and distributions, series roll-ups and charge fees to specific classes as well as individual investors. Additionally, the dissemination of investor statements, contract notes and other correspondence is automated through Paxus. With a click of a button, information can be sent to investors via email, website or fax.

    Straight Through
    Processing Rules

    Horseshoe has built a rules engine which processes incoming trade files. The application validates incoming trades from any data source as it incorporates a template builder, which is used to build a template for each source file format. The application saves the incoming trades into a database. Based on the rules defined, the application outputs a file again using a pre-defined template, which is automatically imported into our core accounting system. The application detects and creates import files for new security master records in the accounting system.

    The same rules engine also has reconciliation functionality, whereby it imports the position files using a pre-defined template, applies rules to the incoming file to get it into a format suitable for matching to our accounting system. It automatically obtains the positions from our accounting system, and performs the reconciliation. The system supports a three-way reconciliation between the broker, client and Horseshoe.

    We can also use the rules engine to produce output files for clients if our standard output formats do not meet the requirements, but contain the required data. We can define an output template based on the client requirements and parse the system standard output.

    Web Portal

    IKONNECT is our web-reporting platform connected to Paxus. Paxus is completely integrated with IKONNECT. IKONNECT provides a website for investment managers and fund investors to login and view information.

    IKONNECT is available in three service options: Manager access only, Investor access only and Investor and Manager access.

    Manager Access provides the following:

    • A homepage where the manager can view the NAV history, fund performance and top positions in the portfolio
    • A detailed investor holdings schedule
    • Access to the investor transactions and allows the contract notes which have been approved, to be viewed online
    • Access to a selection of accounting and portfolio reports. These can be saved in Excel, PDF or CSV format
    • A portal where fund documents can be posted.

    Investor Access provides investors in the fund with the following:

    • Access to the current fund investment balance and history of balances
    • Access to a full history of transactions in the fund
    • Ability to download the contract note for any new transaction with the fund
    • Allows the investor to update their contact information (e.g., address details, email address, etc.)
    • Allows for a portfolio transparency report. The investment manager can determine if they would like their investors to see this information
    • Provides a portal for fund documents

    Portfolio Risk/

    The Portfolio Amalfi software provides suites of multi-asset, multi-purpose, multi-language and multi-currency dynamic data visualization, data aggregation, reporting and portfolio management products for the asset management industry. Portfolio Amalfi seamlessly combines P&L, risk, exposure, third party and other information and makes it available across numerous devices: desktop, iPad and others. The user can easily create and modify the data on the fly, link them to formulas, tag positions and other data with custom attributes, set up filtering rules, share the reports, drill down to underlying information and aggregate data by any number of attributes.

    AML/ATF Solution

    We use Pythagoras EP-Check powered by the World-Check© database to screen clients and investors. This application helps us to comply with anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing regulations. The application provides:

    • A risk based screening application enabling us to instantly check individual or organization names against the full World-Check data set and
    • A Passport-Check web portal which we use to verify the authenticity of ‘machine readable’ (MRZ) passports. The integration of name checking and ID checking into one process provides us with the capability to meet our stringent international Customer Identification (CIP) and Know Your Customer (KYC) obligations


    We meet the needs of our clients’ regulatory reporting obligations through partnerships and bespoke solutions. Regulatory Compliance Services include:

    • FATCA and CRS compliance
    • Assist with Form PF Level 1 completion
    • Professional Corporate Services team in our affiliate company, Horseshoe Corporate Services, ensures compliance with reporting requirements of various offshore jurisdictions including Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands

    As an approved listing sponsor of the Bermuda Stock Exchange we can assist our clients with listings as required