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Horseshoe Fund Services (Horseshoe) provides back and middle office services including fund and portfolio accounting, investor servicing, AML, financial reporting and regulatory compliance services to hedge funds, private equity funds, ILS funds, real estate funds and venture capital funds.

We differentiate ourselves in 5 key areas: experience; quality and controls; customization and flexibility; technology and reporting; and platform scalability.


Private Equity &
Real Estate Funds

We provide a high touch fund administration outsourcing solution to private equity funds including buyout, venture, real estate and hybrid structures. We understand the specialized nature of the private equity industry and we are committed to hiring, developing and retaining qualified and highly experienced staff to ensure that we have the necessary expertise to give our private equity clients the highest level of service. Our experienced staff are supported by a robust and innovative technology platform that allows us to meet the current and future reporting requirements that are unique to the private equity space.


    Pre-Launch Services

    Pre-launch services include:

    • Liaise with legal counsel
    • Review Fund documents
    • Advise on fund structuring
    • Coordinate the investor take on process and manage subsequent close process
    • Coordinate regulatory filing requirements
    • Introductions to custodians, lawyers, audit firms and independent directors, if requested
    • Development of operational procedures and workflow
    • Establish, set up and manage fund bank accounts
    • Develop fund and investor reporting packages

    Private Equity

    Accounting Services Include:

    • Maintain all accounting records
    • Prepare quarterly and year-end fund financial statements
    • Calculate and prepare call and distribution notices
    • Investment valuation support
    • Model and manage carry distributions
    • Calculate and pay management fees
    • Prepare partner capital accounts
    • Manage the annual audit process
    • Produce data for tax preparation
    • Calculate IRRs and other performance metrics
    • Payment of all fund expenses

    Regulatory Reporting
    (AML / FATCA / CRS)

    Regulatory Reporting Services include, but are not limited to:

    • Review investor documents to evaluate AML / ATF and CRS, U.S. and UK FATCA compliance
    • Utilize World-Check© to run investor names and associated parties through a database that checks names against various anti-terrorism government lists
    • Through a partnership with ‘Markit’, asset managers are provided with a tool to comply with FATCA and CRS reporting requirements in any jurisdiction

    Investor Services

    Investor Services offering includes:

    • Maintain the investor records and respective share and partnership registers
    • Process calls and distributions including cash monitoring
    • Produce and distribute quarterly and annual reports to investors as required
    • Distribute Investment Management Reports to Investors as and when required
    • Handle investor queries as required
    • Report to the GP as required