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Horseshoe Fund Services (Horseshoe) provides back and middle office services including fund and portfolio accounting, investor servicing, AML, financial reporting and regulatory compliance services to hedge funds, private equity funds, ILS funds, real estate funds and venture capital funds.

We differentiate ourselves in 5 key areas: experience; quality and controls; customization and flexibility; technology and reporting; and platform scalability.



Horseshoe Fund Services provides independent depositary services for managers of non-EU domiciled alternative investment funds, to assist clients with meeting Alternative Investment Fund Manager Directive (“AIFMD”) responsibilities. An overview of these services is provided below.


Cash Flow Monitoring: (Article 21.7)

Ensure effective oversight and monitoring of the cash flows, including:

  • Review and monitor unusual or significant cash flows and escalate to the AIFM
  • Review and monitor the adequacy of cash controls annually
  • Ensure the resolution of discrepancies identified by reconciliation controls

Ownership Verification: (Article 21.8)

Ensure effective procedures are in place to review and monitor non-custody assets, including:

  • Verify ownership by the Fund of the non-custody assets based on information by the Fund
  • Ensure the existence of appropriate procedures to verify that the non-custody assets acquired by the Fund are appropriately registered
  • Set up and implement escalation procedures to detect and report anomalies

Oversight Function: (Article 21.9)

Provide oversight of share governance & valuations, confirm adherence to follow instructions and review and monitor transactions, including:

  • Ensure that the sale, issue, repurchase, redemption and cancellation of Shares are carried out in accordance with applicable national law and with the Constitutional Documents and the Offering Document
  • Ensure that the value of the Shares is calculated in accordance with applicable national law, the Constitutional Documents, the Offering Document and the procedures laid down in Article 19 of AIFMD
  • Ensure that in transactions involving the assets of the Fund, any consideration is remitted to the Fund within the usual time limits
  • Ensure that the Fund’s income is applied in accordance with applicable national law and the Constitutional Documents