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The Horseshoe Group provides a broad range of actuarial, underwriting, claims and general advisory services to insurers, reinsurers, investors and captives.

Our team of professionals draws expertise from senior-level management roles in the insurance industry and extensive experience with complex engagements.

We deliver solutions tailored to each client’s needs. We bring both depth and breadth of knowledge in a wide spectrum of insurance consulting services.



At Horseshoe Group, we possess technical expertise, experience and resources to provide claims evaluations and insights of both claims and claims operations handling including property, casualty, marine and energy books of business. Our extensive knowledge and experience includes handling Professional Liability, Workers Compensation, Automobile and General Liability (primary and excess), Asbestos and Environmental claims which makes our group a key partner in evaluating potential underwriting opportunities in the marketplace.


Individual Claims

  • Review complex liability losses and evaluate current strategy in order to recommend alternative action plans or litigation strategy
  • Review serious injury losses including workers’ compensation claims involving lifetime medical benefits to ensure both reserve adequacy and identify barriers to resolution
  • Provide technical oversight and management of third-party administrators

Claims department

  • Perform internal audits to identify strengths and weaknesses of claims operation
  • Perform leakage studies to identify areas causing unsupported increases in the payment of loss and loss adjustment expense
  • Evaluate current processes and procedures to improve the efficacy of the claims operation
  • Review and evaluate current Claims Handling Guidelines

Claims system

  • Evaluate existing claims systems including financial and document/imaging systems to determine current operating efficacies
  • Evaluate and recommend modifications or enhancements to current operating systems
  • Evaluate the potential acquisition of new systems and provide assistance in testing and implementation stages

Claims Audits and

  • Perform pre-quote, active and runoff claims reviews of both primary and reinsurance books of business
  • Perform due diligence reviews of claims portfolios or claims operations of corporate acquisition targets
  • Perform reserve adequacy studies

Dispute resolution
and litigation

  • Attend mediations on primary or fronted claims
  • Provide oversight and management of reinsurance or insurance arbitration
  • Provide Expert Witness support
  • Evaluate disputed losses and recommend alternative action plans to achieve desired outcomes


  • Perform an in-depth claims review of subject claims or book of business
  • Identify any socio-economic or legal factors which could influence claims development
  • Work in conjunction with our actuarial department to ensure a full and comprehensive evaluation of the subject book of business
  • Provide expert negotiation services in ensuring successful outcomes