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The Horseshoe Group provides a broad range of actuarial, underwriting, claims and general advisory services to insurers, reinsurers, investors and captives.

Our team of professionals draws expertise from senior-level management roles in the insurance industry and extensive experience with complex engagements.

We deliver solutions tailored to each client’s needs. We bring both depth and breadth of knowledge in a wide spectrum of insurance consulting services.



Day-to-day and long-term operations of a (re)insurance enterprise are impacted by the demands and constraints placed upon its human and economic capital. A company’s success in maintaining core values, corporate identity and business performance can mean weathering the storms of evolving regulatory requirements, changes in the marketplace, and competing management, investor and other stakeholder interests.

Horseshoe Group’s Actuarial Services brings a comprehensive skill set to the client-consultant relationship. Our solutions are as varied as our client environments; insurance, reinsurance and alternative risk transfer firms, and local and global markets.

We deliver quality actuarial service with an appreciation for the non-technical side of consultancy. We listen and advise with your best interests in mind. Our engagement adds value beyond just the final report.



  • Deep knowledge of underlying exposure lends to more insightful work product; it is not all about the numbers
  • Analysis of loss reserve position with a range of estimates and our best estimate
  • Generally accepted actuarial methods can include chain ladder, frequency / severity and Borhuetter-Ferguson techniques
  • Distribution of estimates available to determine risk margins and variability around potential expected outcomes
  • Services available on a monthly, quarterly, or annually, usually on a flat fee basis


Outsourcing treaty reinsurance pricing assignments during peak seasons allows for a lean staff yet adequate coverage during peak pricing season. We can:

  • Use a suite of proprietary reinsurance pricing models to price quota shares, per occurrence and per risk covers for non-catastrophe business
  • Accommodate U.S. reinsurance business (or U.S. risks placed in other markets)
  • Engage for a full renewal season or one-off treaty pricing assignments across a year. Fees are generally on a per hour basis


An independent assessment of a treaty’s or portfolio’s fair “trading value” estimate puts one in good stead when considering commutations, ILS valuations or collateral conversations. We can:

  • Determine a fair value at the contract level for collateralized reinsurance contracts with loss activity. Such value contemplates an explicit risk margin for reserve volatility and illiquidity along with a provision for the time value of money
  • Apply industry benchmark earnings patterns to premium to reflect seasonality of underlying exposure to comport with GAAP requirements.
  • Evaluate a portfolio of existing liabilities and determine a trading value appropriate for commutation exercises


An accurate and efficient suite of pricing tools is an essential piece of a high performing actuarial team. We:

  • Review and opine on newly created pricing tools bringing pricing expertise and the need for efficiency to the table
  • Provide source ideas for pricing parameters like rate changes, loss trends and loss development
  • Act as sounding board for profitability metrics at the contract and / or macroscopic level


Core metrics establishing the health and viability of an enterprise are vital to the image it presents to its stakeholders. Our expertise includes:

  • NAIC Risk Based Capital computation and review
  • Best’s BCAR computation and review
  • Bermuda BSCR computation and review


Along with the Loss Reserve Analysis we can provide a Loss Reserve Specialist Opinion or Statement of Actuarial Opinion for our clients